CTE Operations

CTE Operational Guide

Within the operational guide, you will find 10 sections that provide the information needed to implement and maintain career and technical education programs in the K-12 school system. This guide will serve as your primary resource for information regarding career and technical education. 

Section 1: CTE Policies and Procedures
Section 2: Career Pathways
Section 3: Work-Based Learning
Section 4: Industry-Recognized Credentials
Section 5: Career Coach Program
Section 6: Jobs for Arkansas Graduations (JAG) 
Section 7: Early Career Awareness
Section 8: Student Leadership Center
Section 9: Perkins & Accountability
Section 10: Technical Permits & Licensure

For the most up-to-date Operational Guide, please reference the DCTE Website. 


CTE Operational Guide

Updated 10/11/23

Arkansas Teacher Residency Apprenticeship (ATRA)



For more information, please contact:

Ross White, Director

Division of Career and Technical Education 

Arkansas Department of Education

Three Capitol Mall 

Little Rock, AR 72201

Phone:  501-682-4801

Email: ross.white@ade.arkansas.gov