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1 Technical Assistance Visit General Information and Guidelines 6 18
1.1 Lab Safety Checklist
2012-13 NPS Grant Awards
2013-14 NPS Grant Awards
2014-15 NPS Grant Awards
2015 New Program Start-up Rubric
2015 New Start-up Grant Application
2015-16 NPS Grant Awards
2016-17 NPS Grant Awards
2017-18 NPS Grant Awards
2018 2020 Operational Guide 6-27-19
2018 2020 Operational Guide 7-16-19
2018 Participating Schools
2018 Start-up Grant Compilation
2018-2019 CTE Coordinators
2018-2020 Career Readiness Work-Based Learning Operational Guide
2019 Advanced Welding Instrutors Tune-Up
2019 Basic Welding Instructors Tune-Up
2019 Chapter Management Institute
3 Program of Study 6 18
4 Equipment List Requirements 6 18
5 Advisory Committee or Council Information 6 18
6 Professional Development and Activities 6 18
Accounting 23 July 2019
ACTE Comprehensive Needs Assessment 10.29.2018
Adaptive Equipment Funding Request - 2018
Agenda - Health Science Professional Development 9-11 Uly
Agenda for 2019 Chapter Management Institute
Agriculture Education New Teacher PD 30Jul-1Aug2019
Agriculture Education Summer Teachers Conference 15-18Jul2019
Applicant Amount AY18
AR Career Ed PerkinsV Overview
AR Career Ed PerkinsV Overview II
AR Career Ed PerkinsV Overview Powerpoint
Arkansas Career Model-CTE
Arkansas Grants Management 2013
Banking 11Jul2019
Career Development and Career Orientation Resources
Career Development and Keystone New Teacher PD - Mentee 4Sept2019
Career Development and Keystone New Teacher PD - Mentor 4Sept2019
Collaborative Session 15Jul2019
Collaborative Session 19Jul2019
College and Career Readiness, Career Readiness, and Internship New Teacher PD - Mentee 5Spet2019
College and Career Readiness, Career Readiness, and Internship New Teahcer PD - Mentor 5Sept2019
Condensed Non-Funded CTE
Coop 2018-2019
Coordinating Across Perkins V and WIOA 10.22.18
Coundown To State Plan
CTE 5 Year TAV Updated 3-23.17
CTE Professional Development Registration Instructions (1)
CTE Progrm Information Form 2018-19
District Policies August 2018
DriversEd Course Goals
ETE New Teacher Instruction and Curriculum Training
Evaluation Rubric 5 Year Plan
Evaluation Rubric 5 Year Plan
FACS 2018-2019 Calendar
FACS 2018-2019 Calendar Revised 1
FCCLA Adviser Academy 18-19Jul2019
Federal funding and state plan for PerkinsV
Grant Application and Description Invite Description FY 20
Graphic Design and Photography 25-26July2019
Health Science Professional Development 9-11July2019
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Internship Accountability Report Template 2017 2018
Internship Youth Apprenticeship Training 17Jul2019
Internship Youth Apprenticeship Training 23Jul2019
Internship Youth Apprenticeship Training 24Jul2019
Internship Youth Apprenticeship Training 28Jul2019
Itinerary for 2019 Advanced Welding Instructors Tune-Up
Itinerary for 2019 Basic Welding Instructors Tune-Up
JAG Advantage Training 18-19Spet2019
JAG New Specialist Training 17Sept2019
Local Needs Assessment Guide
Local Plan Assurances
Local Plan Assurances
Marketing, Entrepreneurship and SBO 12Jul2019
Memo to Governor Hutchinson PerkinsV 03.01.2019
Memo to Governor Hutchinson PerkinsV 11.29.2018
Memo to Superintendents and Principals 01.14.2019
New DYS JAG Specialist training 12-13Jun2019
New JAG Specialist Training 11-12Jun2019
Perkins Administrator - Federal Grants Management Meeting - Perkins V Info 27Mar2019
Perkins Stakeholder Meeting Schedule 2019
Perkins Stakeholder Meeting Schedule Update 5-8-19
PerkinsV September 2018 Full Act
PerkinsV Side-by-Side Draft updated 10-16-18
PerkinsV transition plan time
Revised CTE Policies and Procedures Final 10 Feb 2019
Scholarships for Arkansas Minority Students AY 2018-2019 (2)
ServSafe and Food Safety 11-12Jul2019
Single LEAs
Social Media and Communication 9Jul2019
Soft Skills 18Jul2019
Staff Directory
State Plan 2016 06
State Plan 2016 06
Survey of Business 24Jul2019
TA Visits 2018-19
Understanding PerkinsV Updated August 2018
w!se Financial Literacy Training and Testing 9-10Jul2019